Sony Trinitron vs. 4K/HDR TVs — Some nostalgic photos during the CRT era of 20th century.

I visited Sony City Osaki office the other day and took some pictures. Of course, even with all the pretty gadgets they have in their display room, the one that always gets my attention is the Sony Trinitron — the television that started it all.

This TV model, the first of all Trinitron model is displayed enclosed in a transparent frame at Sony City Osaki, at the escalator landing in between 2nd and 3rd floor. It shows how proud Sony is about its Trinitron TVs even with all the 4K TVs out there.

The presentation is quite impressive really, and you should visit to see it first hand.

Sony Trinitron KV-1310

Sony Trinitron KV-1310

Excerpt: The First Trinitron Model: KV-1310
This was revolutionary technology that achieved twice the brightness of the shadow mask technology that was dominant at that time.

Japanese: トリニトロン方式1号機 KV-1310

Sony Bravia HDR 4K

Compare that with Sony’s television today, like this Sony Bravia for example.
Well, yes. TV tech have come a long way indeed.
Sony Bravia 4K HDR

I know, the 4K resolution, not to mention the screen size, of today’s TV is just incomparable to the resolution of TVs during Trinitron’s time. And the high dynamic range (HDR) technology that is used by feature TVs nowadays should all be great development in the brightness space.

A Classic Product

Even so, the Trinitron is just so revolutionary at that time it arrived in the late 1960s, and because of that, the Trinitron will always be one of the classic gadgets of all time. The Trinitron technology was replaced with Plasma and LCD technology with the advent of flat panels in the late 2000s.

Tech enthusiasts who would love to know more about the Trinitron technology and the story how it was developed by Sony in the 1960s should read the Wikipedia article on it. It is a fascinating read.


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