June 2018 HDMI Forum MOI Verification Test Event and Plugfest Starts Next Week

HDMI enthusiasts, heads up!

HDMI Forum MOI verification test event and plugfest is going to be held next week (June 4 ~ June 8) in Seoul, South Korea. This is a MOI verification test event so that means the Forum will verify “method of implementations” or MOIs from various test equipment makers and see whether their implementations are correct or correlates with that of other MOIs created by other test equipment maker. These equipment most probably will be verified for their support for the new HDMI 2.1 functionalities.

This is an event that’s rarely done and the frequency depends on the situation – usually when a major test specification is being discussed and formulated.

This time there will also be a Plugfest which means there will be chance to connect your devices with other makers devices and see if they interoperate correctly. Participating in the plugfest is a great opportunity to see how your device works with other devices, and see your device logs while connecting, and recognize problems even at their prototype stage.

As usual, HDMI Forum is tight-lipped about the event. They just gave this short snippet and let you decide if that’s something that would interests you.

The HDMI Forum Test Event is limited to HDMI Forum Members only. Learn how to become a member. The Plugfest is open to all Adopter product and prototype developers, and is intended for unofficial device-to-device interoperability testing. Contact HDMI Forum Administration for more information.

What To Expect

We can safely assume that all participants will be bringing their HDMI 2.1-supporting implementations in the event — that is, HDMI test equipment, sources, sinks, repeaters, and cables that claims to or wants to support the new HDMI 2.1 functionalities. Participants of this kind of test events are usually the ones who develop first generation devices that supports the current HDMI Specification.

It just so happens that the current HDMI Specification, you know, the version 2.1 HDMI Spec.,  is the one that claims to specify 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz video resolution (up to 48Gbps bandwidth), Dynamic HDR, Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable, eARC, and a lot more functions that are too geeky to write here.

Hmmn, let’s just hope that they get their act together so that we could see new HDMI 2.1 gadgets very soon!

Those interested might be able to gate crash, but be sure to send an email to the admin before you do so. ^^;

June 2018 HDMI MOI Verification Test Event and Plugfest Venue


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